Founded in 1912, The Briarwood Organization began as a modest builder of one- and two-family homes. Over the years, our organization has evolved into one of the most respected and active developers in the New York area. For over a century, Briarwood has developed in excess of five million square feet of mixed-use, residential, retail and office space throughout Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, representing a total value in excess of one billion dollars.

Our family-owned and operated company always takes a long-term approach toward each development, recognizing that our core enterprises are contingent on the future growth and evolution of the neighborhoods we build in. Accordingly, each and every one of Briarwood’s developments is devised in collaboration with the immediate neighbors and the surrounding area so as to maximize the project’s total value to the community while staying in line with its existing design context.

Briarwood maintains the ability to execute on an array of projects including zoning, entitlements, and public-private partnerships will continue to afford our organization the ability to focus on investments that generate a “double-bottom line” of attractive returns and ancillary benefits through socially responsible development. Past achievements include “The Best American Living” award from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, “Outstanding Landscape Design” from the New York Landscape Industry Association, and numerous “Excellence in Design and Construction” awards from the Queens & Bronx Building Association and the Queens Chamber of Commerce.