Our construction team works in tandem with our development and management executives on design implementation and coordination, and helps determine constructability and cost feasibility at the very early stages of development and on through to project completion. Once a project is shovel-ready, Briarwood ensures the entire process, from pre-construction scheduling all the way through turn-key operations, is seamlessly coordinated and tightly controlled – guaranteeing that time-to-sell/lease is expedited to the fullest extent. The delivery of a completed project is no more important than in the development of affordable housing where Low Income Housing Tax Credits are utilized. Occupancy deadlines are an integral part of the process and if missed substantial economic penalties would be incurred. Briarwood to date has not missed a delivery date and caused a Tax Credit recapture.

Since inception, over a century ago, Briarwood has overseen a wide array of general contracting and construction management projects, successfully building almost every type of structure including retail and office buildings, single-family homes, low-, mid- and high-rise multifamily complexes. With more than 250 years of collective in-house expertise, Briarwood prides itself on delivering a peerless product. Through an unmatched degree of personalized attention coupled with stringent quality standards, Briarwood maintains a client-first doctrine towards its customers, partners and tenants alike. No concern is too small an issue to promptly address and no project is too big a complexity to administer lasting solutions.