Briarwood’s development team brings a collective approach to underwriting each project while simultaneously reviewing design, constructability, and market feasibility. Capitalizing on the varied background and collective experience of the group allows Briarwood to foresee challenges and fashion solutions that other firms would not recognize. This ability economizes time and capital. We maintain internal development and construction capabilities, with a hands-on approach to the structure and execution of every stage in the process.

From initial site selection, due diligence and plan approval process, to financing and construction, each phase of a project is painstakingly planned and executed to assure success. As a well-established developer and seasoned builder in the greater metropolitan area, Briarwood understands the risks and rigors associated with monetizing property and fully capitalizing on property value, consistently identify and exploiting opportunities yielding superior risk-adjusted returns. The same detailed approach is used where Briarwood is acting as both the developer and contractor and where it is constructing for a third party owner or joint venture partner. Briarwood is a recognized expert and award winning full service real estate organization.