For over 50 years, Briarwood has provided property management services for residential rental buildings, homeowners associations, condominiums, and cooperative apartments, as well as commercial space. Our diverse team is proficient in crafting leasing strategies, designing tenant retention programs, negotiating vendor contracts and outlining maintenance procedures. Additionally, for new projects, Briarwood‚’s team develops branding and sales or leasing strategies, creative direction on all marketing materials, assembles on-site sales or leasing teams, and sets up on-site operations and model homes. When Briarwood participates in the design process the property is designed from the ground up to minimize maintenance requirements and to make necessary repairs easier and cheaper to make.

Property management services are also available on a third-party basis, where we bring to bear our considerable experience for other owners and operators of commercial, retail and residential real estate. Our personalized, hands-on approach has consistently secured an attractive return on investment for assets ranging from multi-family to commercial space. Briarwood is one of the very few developers of cooperative and condominium projects where, even years after turning over control of the board of directors to the residents, Briarwood Properties is continually retained as manager. This is the highest form of endorsement a company can achieve, the continued support of home owner.